Atheism’s Evidential Bankruptcy

Atheist Beliefs and Absence of Evidence

By Brace E. Barber
Christian Apologetics Speaker

Our Assumptions About Atheist Beliefs are Wrong

The bankruptcy of the atheist position is critical for Christians to grasp. If we as Christians know that those with counter ideas have no evidence to back up their positions, then it encourages us to find the evidence that supports our position. We’ve assumed for too long that atheists have a lock on scientific evidence to back atheist beliefs, when the truth is that their lock is rusting on an old fence and they’ve lost the key. However, just because they don’t have evidence to support their beliefs doesn’t mean that it’s going to support God. We need to look at all of the evidence and see where it leads.

Atheists have been looking for evidence to support their positions as long as there have been atheists. They have not found any. So you ask, “But what about Evolution and the myth of Jesus and the unreliability of the Scripture?”

None. They’ve found none. When you look at the raw evidence, not the sugar-coated, secular conclusions that we are fed in school and on NOVA, you find that there is no evidence pointing to chance, which is the summation of all atheist beliefs. The evidence points to design and the historical accuracy of Scripture.

Why the Atheist Deception

So why do scientists deny the conclusions of the evidence?

  • Money – careers. If everyone is eating roadkill, you make money serving roadkill.
  • Denial of God as a possible conclusion. Atheists deny God as an option BEFORE they begin to look at the evidence. If you can only choose between doors 1 and 2, you never choose door 3.
  • No Challengers. Except for a few, Christians don’t rebut atheist beliefs with evidence of their own.

Atheists are now forced to present conclusions for their beliefs that are beyond the scope of evidence. They propose multiple universes, alien creation, secular meanings of life and morals. They suggest chimpanzees mated with pigs to create humans – no joke – and that the Bible is horribly corrupted despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Atheist Belief in Our Goldilocks Universe

Harry Cliff, the First Science Museum Fellow at University of Cambridge summarizes the creation situation well in his 2015 discussion about two inexplicably fine-tuned forces;

We live in one of the places in the multiverse where the two numbers are just right. We live in a Goldilocks universe. Now, this idea is extremely controversial, and it’s easy to see why. If we follow this line of thinking, then we will never be able to answer the question, “Why is there something rather than nothing?” In most of the multiverse, there is nothing, and we live in one of the few places where the laws of physics allow there to be something. Even worse, we can’t test the idea of the multiverse. We can’t access these other universes, so there is no way of knowing whether they’re there or not.[i]

If God Created the Universe

As we study the defense for the Christian faith, many of us can be intimidated by the prospect of finding evidence counter to our faith. The good news is and I will continue to repeat my premise that if God created the universe and everything in it, then all of the evidence will either point towards Him or at the very least will not point away from Him. Until recently most Christians have been hesitant to look at the evidence because the world has convinced them that science, history and philosophy are all counter to Christianity. The world has convinced us that we believe in something that is false and that we believe in it only on the basis of faith. They say that we have blind faith, unsupported by evidence.

Have faith, but don’t have blind faith. Blind faith means that you are not sharing the gospel with others. It means that you are unable to answer many legitimate questions of new believers and seekers. Give your faith an incredible evidential, intellectual foundation the kind that Paul begs us to have, and which he demonstrated in his life. Paul was a student. He was an intellectual who sought knowledge, gained knowledge and shared the knowledge in conversations with those with different worldviews. Ironically, this is the life that Atheists wish to have as well, but the lack of evidence to support Atheist Beliefs and their rejection of the God conclusion leaves them with blind faith.

Be Encouraged

Be encouraged that the case for Christianity is not closed. It is very much open and you can take a journey into a wonderful world that affirms and strengthens your faith.

Get the answers. Get the knowledge and fulfill the Great Commission!

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[i] Have We Reached the End of Physics? December 2015 Harry Cliff, Science Museum Fellow at University of Cambridge. Conducting research into matter-antimatter asymmetry as part of the LHCb collaboration at CERN

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