Youth Apologetics Conference

Brace E. Barber speaks to Youth Apologetics Conferences and Christian Conferences in general. He teaches Churches, Parents and Youth Pastors how to immediately stop the loss of Christian Kids from the Faith. He is determined to answer the questions surrounding the dramatic loss of Christian Kids from the Church and provide a concrete path forward along with all of the tools necessary to accomplish the mission.

The Christian Church is in a war with the world and negotiation with the world is out of the question. There are surprising facts and simple approaches to the turning of the battle and the eventual revival of our youth. Our youth will drive revival and turn our Country and our world back to God. As a Youth Apologetics Conference Speaker and Trainer, Brace will encourage you and give you a vision for the wonderful future ahead.

You can contact Brace and learn about speaking availability through the contact page or via the email and phone number listed there. We look forward to winning the war with you!



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