Moral Relativists Don’t Walk Into Traffic

Moral Relativism

By Brace E. Barber

Apologetics Speakers

August 3, 2016

Note: While editing this article I realized that the term Moral Relativism might not be well defined for some people. Moral Relativism simply means that there is no universal standard for right or wrong, good or evil. What is good for you might not be good for someone else, and no one can say that one way is better than the other. Now to start the article…


Moral relativism is certainly the result of being too smart by half. If you are just a normal person like me, you don’t walk into traffic because you will die. Somehow those cars look real, and you’ve seen the driver’s-ed videos. However, if you seek to be a secular intellectual then all of a sudden nothing is out of bounds. The cars speeding at you may not really be there. Scientist Donald Hoffman “believes that what we are seeing around us is simply a façade that guides our way around a far more complex and hidden matrix.”

The Daily Mail published the article Is reality an ILLUSION? under its Science section. Perhaps their Philosophy and Make-Believe sections were full. The truth is that no matter where they give such ideas credibility it’s dangerous.

The Danger of Moral Relativism

If reality is an illusion, then nothing is right or wrong, good or bad. It’s all electrons colliding and scurrying around some simulation, so take your pick of fantasy and have at it. It doesn’t even matter if your electrons violate the rights of another “person.” Even if that person happens to be a vulnerable child… or an unborn child. Thinking that this philosophy isn’t dangerous hasn’t considered its use to rationalize evil in this world. ACCORDING TO MORAL RELATIVIST THOUGHT (Yes, evolutionists and atheists are relativists, and agnostics are accomplices) Is human trafficking wrong? No. Is child pornography wrong? No. Is genital mutilation wrong? No. Was slavery wrong? No. Is it wrong for terrorists to blow up a market place full of women and children? No. Is it wrong for a Christian to say that there are transcendent objective moral values? No.

If we are illusionary, then the things we believe and experience about our physical and spiritual existence are false. You have no body let alone a soul. There is no earthly justice or eternal justice to worry about. If you want to do a thought exercise, consider that as a reality and what it would mean to the necessity of your self-control. It would vanish.

Secular Supernatural

When the evidence of design pushes secular scientists to the point of accepting supernatural causes, you don’t get God, you get computer simulations, multi-verses and aliens. So have your thought experiments, but please don’t present them as science or as a serious theory that others should adopt. These thought experiments lead to moral relativism and have already cost tens of millions of lives over the past 100 years and has kept countless millions from Salvation through Christ….(Oh. Was that wrong to say? No.)

If you think that this was a one-off ‘weird-news’ piece, think again. The ‘computer simulation’ theory has gained traction in the ‘scientific’ community lately and was even the subject of the 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation? You will see this come up more and more as secular scientists try to make sense of our world without God and as the evidence continues to mount up against natural causes. Rest assured, the emperor really is naked and one day even he will bow.

No Parental Relativism Allowed

As a Church and Parents, we cannot dismiss the popular culture’s acceptance of unrealistic theories as harmless. The theories you will hear repeated in the mainstream media and science documentaries will be 180 degrees away from God. The implications of no God is that there are no moral standards to which we are held accountable. That is moral relativism, and it is dangerous to your children and to our society.

Practical Help

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