Lesson Prep Video Guides

The purpose of these video guides is to help you prepare for each session. Each video is approximately five minutes in lenght. You will learn the correct answers to the test questions, learn the key ideas on which to focus and gain some ideas for engaging your students in the discussion. Please make sure that you have read the test questions and lesson prior to going through the prep video. The intent of the TESTED is Trained format is to allow parents, pastors and lay teachers to teach powerful subjects in the time allotted at home and at Sunday school each week. We want you to have the ability to train your students with knowledge that eliminates skepticism and builds their faith.

You can review and purchase TESTED is Trained curriculum series' here. TESTED Resources

Though you do not need to study these subjects deeply, if you wish to learn more, I suggest these sources. Library

The video series are organized into playlists. Click the playlist icon apologetics playlist in the top left of each series to present the list of videos for each lesson.

Reliability of Scripture Video Prep Guides Playlist

The Resurrection of Jesus Video Prep Guides Playlist

God and Evil Video Prep Guides Playlist

The Origin and Development of Life Video Prep Guides Playlist

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