Deceitful ‘Christian’ Logic

Brace E. Barber

False Apologetics

Pete Buttigieg seems to be a brilliant man, and yet he has picked a stance against the Bible – God’s Word – God’s Truth. Hey, if you are going to run for President of the United States, you’ve got to have an unwavering belief in yourself. I’d suggest picking a battle you can win. The guy may become President some day, not this time, but next time or the time after that. The battle he won’t win is against God. Shake your fist at the sky, but too bad.

There are enough Christians out there, the vast majority of Christians who can be convinced that the Bible doesn’t say what it says. Pete can quote verses about the poor and the environment, and he may very well be right. I may even agree with him, but that doesn’t change the fact that his life as a homosexual is squarely against the Bible. It doesn’t change the fact that he is ok with the late-term murder of unborn children. (Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Abortion Dishonesty is Astonishing) Pete’s agenda has forced him into a position where he can only use part of the Bible to justify his platform while he must ignore or purposely distort other parts of the Bible to remain coherent in his position.

A game that allows six strikes and lets base runners score even after they are tagged is not baseball. A religion that allows the murder of babies and celebrates homosexual relationships is not Christianity. See a great discussion of the distortion of the Christian left regarding homosexuality here Paul, Romans and Homosexuality

Read Your Bible or be Fooled

The risk is that our Churches are filled with people who don’t know scripture. I have no doubt that Mayor Pete could stand on a church stage in Middle Tennessee and preach a sermon on love and convince half the people that the Bible doesn’t highlight homosexuality as a sin.

Correction: Election 2020-Buttigieg-Religion story

KEOKUK, Iowa (AP) – In a story Aug. 24 about presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and religion, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Buttigieg’s father was a former Roman Catholic priest. Buttigieg’s father studied for the priesthood but was not ordained.

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