Christian Apologetics Speaker

Brace is a Christian Apologetics Speaker focused on teaching churches and parents how to stop the loss of kids from the Christian Faith.

I teach a new strategy for arming kids with the truth in order to protect their faith and have them remain dedicated to Tested Christian ApologeticsChrist for life. I identify why kids are leaving and a step-by-step process for how you can open their eyes to the overwhelming evidence supporting their faith. Discover what has been missing from Christian youth education for a generation and how making easy adjustments can transform your students’ lives.

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As a Christian Apologetics Speaker I can cover apologetics subjects, but my purpose is to show Churches and parents how to teach their youth how to defend their faith. My goal is to give pastors and parents the insights and tools to educate kids so that they can impact the world instead of having the world impact them. I am actively speaking to organizations of all sizes including:

  • Congregations
  • Conferences
  • Men’s Ministries
  • Retreats

I will walk you through the strategy and show you methods for saving your children and begin a generation of Church revival.



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