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Among the fantastic Christian Youth Apologetics Speakers, Brace stands apart as a guide for parents and pastors desiring a practical solution for keeping their kids in the faith. There are some wonderful apologetics resources available, but none have bridged the gap between intense special study and Sunday school. No teacher has focused on giving parents and lay teachers the ability to effectively teach apologetics subjects with limited preparation and expertise. That solution is now available so that anyone can teach subjects such as Is Scripture Reliable? Can you believe in the resurrection of Jesus? Life: Created or Evolved? and How can an all-loving God allow evil in the world? Brace believes that speaking about apologetics to our youth is critical, but it is far more powerful to enable every parent and every Sunday-school volunteer to teach apologetics subjects. Besides, that’s what is necessary to enable our kids to impact the world rather than have our kids fall victim to the world as is happening now.

All Loving God and Evil Origin of Life Was Jesus Really Resurrected? Is the Bible true?

Christian Youth Apologetics Speakers Focus

As a Christian Youth Apologetics Speaker, Brace inspires leaders, gives hope to parents, and teaches teachers in a format purposely designed and supported to give anyone the ability to teach apologetics subjects. When individuals can take control of the Christian education of their children in a way that arms them to combat the world, then Christianity will thrive. In the secular world today, we are witnessing the damage that results from not preparing our youth.

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