Apologetics: The Path to Christian Revival

By Brace E. Barber, Christian Apologetics Speaker
July 12, 2016

Christian Churches today are suffering through the loss of approximately 75% of their youth after they leave high school. As hard as the church tries to be relevant to their lives they are failing to make the critical connection that keeps the kids in the faith. What is missing? If we can identify why our youth are abandoning Christianity, we can begin to solve the problem, and if we can solve the problem, we will begin to grow the Church again and eventually turn our country and the world around again.

The past generation of Church Youth education has focused on relationship and relevance. Churches have youth pastors on staff, music directors and worship leaders for that body of students. The worship is great, the videos are entertaining and professional and the message is Christ centered, so why do kids leave after 18 years in our hands?

The reason 75% of Christian Kids leave the faith after 18 years is because we have ignored their intellect.

We have their hearts, but not their heads. I believe that the gravity of this situation has not really been laid bare before. We have them for 18 years! If we can’t convince them that Christianity is the path that they should follow in 18 years of near exclusive access, a rational person would say that we must change what we are doing. The secular world looks at us and snickers believing that the youth are finally getting educated in the facts and leaving the Church. But that’s exactly the opposite of what has happened. The Church must address the intellect of our youth in an aggressive manner. When we satisfy their intellect, we will stop the exodus of kids from the Church. We will keep 75% instead of lose 75%. That is a big promise, and one that can be verified as reasonable just by asking yourself why you don’t smoke and why the percentage of people who smoke has dropped precipitously since the 1960s.


When we know something is the truth because of the evidence supporting it, we act in accordance with the truth. Well most of us do. Our youth do not believe that Christianity is the truth, otherwise they would not leave. If you are reading this and your heart is racing trying to think of the evidence for Christ, be encouraged because though you might not have it on the tip of your tongue, all of the scientific and historic evidence points to God the Creator and Jesus the Savior. The goal of the Church is to impart the truth of the Gospel and Scriptures to our kids. But how is that done? The information can be very academic and complicated. How do we get people to teach information that they themselves don’t know?

See the Atheist’s Plea


Those are the problems that I have worked to solve by developing tools and processes that make the whole process palatable for most Churches. However, there is a bigger obstacle than acknowledgement of the problem that has to be overcome. Even if we had all of the proper tools and support, this solution will not work if the Church is not willing to elevate the intellectual education of their youth to equality or near equality with the Gospel. That’s a huge ask and one that catches most people off guard at first. Apologetics should not be an afterthought Sunday night bible study held once a year. Apologetics should be integrated into most teaching that the Church does, and it should be a concentration during the high-school years. …that’s the first big obstacle.

Path to Christian Revival

The second big, ugly obstacle is that you have to test the kids. “WHAT?! Test our voluntarily-attending youth? We’ll lose them all!” Let’s look at it this way. If you keep 25% of the kids and 75% leave, you are breaking even. But what will that 25% accomplish in the world? (By the way, kids are itching for this information. Don’t be surprised if your youth group grows.) These kids are ready to take on the world using the world’s scientific and historical evidence. They are ready to fulfill the Great Commission in ways that will grow the church and begin to turn losses into gains. The youth educated in this way is how Christian Revival will begin.

Practical Help

Stay Tuned: I am in the process of completing two books due out in 2016 to address this problem. Sign up for my email updates to be the first to learn when they are released. Christian Apologetics Solution

  • The first book will lay out the practical how-to steps for keeping Christian kids Christian for Churches and parents.
  • The second book is a book covering 14 apologetic subjects with tools to make it as easy as possible for anyone to teach and learn.

Brace E. Barber is a Christian Apologetics Speaker focusing on teaching Churches how to immediately stop the loss of Christian kids from the Faith. See more at Christian Apologetics Speaker

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