Keep Christian Youth Christian

75% of Kids Raised in Christian Homes will leave the Church after High School

Learn the strategies and gain the tools necessary to save your children and the Church. The Christian Church will not survive the loss of this generation of kids. We as the Church and as parents have one chance to get our next steps right.

Christian Apologetics Speakers
Christian Apologetics Speakers

West Point graduate and former Army Ranger, Brace E. Barber illustrates for Church Leadership and parents the strategy to immediately stop the loss of kids from the Christian Church and to begin a revival in your youth group. Brace offers a path for turning Christian kids into a powerful evangelical force that can grow the Church even in times of persecution. Learn how to engage Brace for your group. Christian Apologetics Speaker

Brace is the author of two books No Excuse Leadership, and Sun Tzu’s Pattern of Power. His latest book, How to Keep Christian Kids Christian, is planned for release in late 2017.

Join the other engaged Churches and parents arming themselves to save their children. Christian Apologetics Subscription

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