Christian Apologetics Solution for Keeping Kids in the Faith

75% of Kids Raised in Christian Homes are leaving the Church after High School, but there is hope.

There are good reasons why 75% of kids raised in Christian homes leave the faith after high school. The Church is not answering their legitimate questions, thereby letting the world define truth. The Church has the truth and can reclaim the hearts and minds of its youth. Discover what has been missing from Christian youth education for a generation and how making easy adjustments can transform your students’ lives.

Tested Christian ApologeticsThe upcoming book, TESTED: A New Strategy for Keeping Kids in the Faith, analyzes why we are failing to reach our kids and gives pastors and parents a step-by-step method to quickly stop the loss of kids from the Christian Church. The book offers a path for turning Christian kids into a powerful evangelical force that can grow the Church even in times of persecution.

West Point graduate and former Army Ranger, Brace E. Barber speaks to and works with Christian Churches, conferences, and groups interested in changing the course of young lives. Engage Brace for your group. Christian Apologetics Speaker


Christian Apologetics Speakers
Christian Apologetics Speakers

Brace is the author of two books No Excuse Leadership, and The Art of War, Organized for Decision Making. His latest book, TESTED: A New Strategy for Keeping Kids in the Faith, is planned for release in late 2017.

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